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CX3 RG11 compression principle  

Barcode lists

Barcodes 2011(PDF)


Note: Large PDF files
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CX3 Compression Catalogue


Broadband family catalogue

CXJ Jumper folder


Quality &


ISO 9001/ISO 14001 certificate (English)
Cabelcon Quality Policy 2011

Cabelcon Environmental Policy 2011

Russian certificate



Guide to the Internet catalogue

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Product Guides  

Available interface options with FF and IEC14F TrueLock
How to determine the length of a HFX2 jumper


Mounting instructions

Please refer to the  catalogue. Most mounting instructions can be seen and/or downloaded (in PDF-format) when the product has been selected from the catalogue.

Installation Guide for RG6/59 Compression Connectors
Installation Guide for CX3 RG7/11 Compression Connectors
Mounting Instructions for 7.0 QuickMount™ Connectors
Mounting Instructions for 10.5 QuickMount™ Connectors
PPT on CX3 RG6/59 installation (2 GB)
PPT on CX3 RG7/11 installation (2 GB)


for 50 ohm

Mounting instructions for 50 0hm

Please refer to the  catalogue for CATV mounting instructions. Most mounting instructions can be seen and/or downloaded (in PDF-format) when the product has been selected from the catalogue.


50 ohm English
317 Installation
512 Installation
877 Installation
919 Installation
959 Installation  

Product  sheets


Optical product



Product  sheets
50 ohm



CProduct English German French Russian
CX3™ RG11 QuickMount™
CX3™ QuickMount™ 6.0 & 7.0
CX3™ QuickMount™ all sizes
Self-Install™ IEC
Self-Install™ IEC 90 Degree
Self-Install™ blister packs
CX3 RG11
CX3 RG59/6
CX3 BNC Male
Jumper Folder
UltraEase F
UltraEase RCA & BNC
UltraEase Headend
RF connectors
RF N crimp RG 213
RF adapters
RF jumpers
RF receptacles
RF tools
Crimp&Compression tools

Tests methods and reports

CoMeT tube method

Compression Test Report (462 KB) 
Compression Screening Report (335 KB) 

CX3 compression test report (1 MB)

Change of connector types (119 KB).
This document explains the recent division of connector type "2" into more types and includes lists of cables concerned.

Connectorisation and Return Path in CATV Networks
Presented at the Technical Seminar at ECC '99 in London.
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